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Terms and Conditions

Narlas Boutique Ltd Terms and Conditions

The Narlas Boutique Ltd Terms Of Service are outlined below (hereinafter referred to as 'TOS').

The 'TOS' become immediately effective when the 'User' gains access to the website.

  • Terms Used 'User' refers to the person using the service in any manner
  • 'Business' refers to your business
  • 'Service' refers to any on-line service provided by Narlas Boutique Ltd
  • 'Company' refers to Narlas Boutique Ltd
  • 'Content' refers to any information, text, data (including direct or indirect references to files, directories, data repositories), photographs, pictures, software, music, sound, graphics, video, messages or other materials of electronic or other nature
  • 'We' refers to Narlas Boutique Ltd

The Website is an on-line eCommerce retail application selling goods to the general public. The suitability of the software must be determined by the user and no responsibility can be taken by Narlas Boutique Ltd for any decisions made by the User.

Service Provision
We will use our best endeavours and all reasonable efforts to make the Service available.

  • We will not be liable for any errors, omissions or exceptions within the website
  • We reserve the right at any time without notice to amend, update, revise the website and the Service offered

Any external links within the website are for the convenience of the User and do not not mean that we in any way endorse the linked website. Furthermore, we are not responsible for the content of any 3rd party website.

Users may use the web site in the normal course of purchasing goods from Narlas Boutique Ltd. The website may not be used for:

  • including any material that is unlawful, defamatory, obscene, breach of privacy or confidentiality, objectionable
  • containing any material of an explicit or adult nature
  • including any intellectual property that is protected by law unless the Business owns the rights or has received the necessary permission
  • any other manner contrary to the law


You agree to

  • provide Us with accurate current information in the 'Sign Up' process
  • notify Us immediately via the web site of any changes to your circumstances in relation to the information provided at 'Sign Up'
  • notify Us immediately if you believe any unauthorised person has access to your password, the Service or the Company website
  • to take responsibility for the security and correct use of login details (user names and passwords) and agree to take all necessary precautions to ensure they are kept secure and not divulged to any unauthorised person

Service Use

You agree to use the Service as an on-line retail site and for no other purposes

  • you agree to comply with all the applicable prevailing laws, regulations and licences
  • you will not attempt any action that may affect or impair the functionality of the Service
  • you may not use the Service to
    • knowingly or recklessly transmit, store or handle any computer virus
    • publish any illegal or unlawfull content - including without limitation content which is defamatory, of an explicit sexual nature, discriminatory, in violation of any 3rd parties rights, copyright protected, offensive, abusive, threatening or may cause distress to others
    • do anything to affect or harm other users or service providers on the internet or contrary to accepted standards
    • interfere with domain names belonging to other 3rd parties
    • permit any other 3rd party to do any of the above


  • we do not warrant that access to the Service or any aspect of it will be fault free, uninterrupted or reliable
  • we do not represent any information used by the Service will be complete, reliable or accurate
  • we make no representation about any servcies offered by 3rd parties
  • we have no liability for any consequential loss, data loss, loss of profits, damage or loss of property or any consequential loss of any other nature to the extent permitted by law,
  • we exclude all liability (whether in contract, tort or otherwise, whether or not due to our negligence) as a result of
    • the unavailability of the Service or any part of the Service
    • Service delays or negligence in supplying the Service
    • any misreprensation of the Service (except where fraudulent made by Us or on our behalf) any technical, factual error or omissions relating to the Service

Our Rights

  • we reserve the right to monitor Your use of the Service and may remove or amend the content if in our considered opinion any breach of the Agreement has been incurred
  • where there is a potential breach of security we reserve the right to change your user name or password or suspend the Service

Service Suspension or Amendment
At any time we may without explanation immediately suspend part or all of the Service to maintain or upgrade the Service

Intellectual Property Rights

  • the Company (Narlas Boutique Ltd) hereby grants You a non-exclusive non-transferable licence to use the Software on a server controlled by Us for the sole purpose of using the Service
  • all intellectual property rights We or our licensors hold in the software or any accompanying material or content We provide to You for the sole purpose of using the Service and will remain our property or that of our licensors
  • you shall not attempt to
    • reverse engineer, modify, adapt or disassemble the software or any accompanying content or material
    • copy, publish, distribute, transmit or reproduce in any other manner the software or any accompanying content or material
    • remove, amend or in any other way change any identification marks associated with the software or any accompanying content or material

All Website Content are the copyright of Narlas Boutique Ltd or other third parties. Permission is granted for a licence to use the application in the manner specified.

Governing Law
These terms and conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with English Law and any disputes arising in relation thereto shall fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts